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Choosing the right marketing tools

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If you build it, he will come

Fans of the 1989 film, Field of Dreams will be familiar with this quote, sadly, although it worked in the movie, real online life is not so easy!

However good your website and social media pages are, if no one can find them or nobody knows about them, then visitor numbers will be low.

Driving Traffic

Advertising of some sort has a long history. An early form is a hanging sign outside a shop illustrating what was on offer, the origin of the familiar pub signs we see today. Business now is no different, although the tools we use have changed, the principles are the same. Once we have our shop, be it on the High Street or online we need to create interest through marketing for it to thrive.

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choosing the right marketing tools

Spoilt for Choice – Choosing the right marketing tools

Our baker in the middle ages had to make decisions, what loaf to illustrate on his sign, its colour and position, cost was modest and the risk low. Now though, the choice of how to market is much wider and more confusing, costs are higher and the risks greater. Unless you are in a large corporation, inhouse marketing expertise is likely to be limited, it’s therefore essential to take time to choose the right tools and to work with partners that will understand your needs and guide you.

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