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Converting interest into money


Making Money

Having a great website is the right way to start, generating plenty of interested traffic is brilliant; the final piece of the puzzle is converting this into money, the “conversion” phase. It’s surprising how often a lot of effort and expense goes into the planning and implementation of a campaign only for this final critical stage to be neglected. Conversion is where something happens, the reward for your marketing effort.


Measuring Conversion Success

With information or brochure websites, a successful outcome will normally be the completion of a form, downloading literature or perhaps calling a sales hotline. How enquires are handled and followed us should be an integral part of the planning process, if is neglected, it could be the reason for the failure of a campaign.

If you have an e-commerce website, one measurement is obvious; did the visitor buy something? Less easy to answer is the question; “Should they have bought more?” What is of more concern is if they abandoned their shopping cart before proceeding with the purchase.


Whether your aim is a sale or lead generation, a successful conversion strategy relies on a seamless customer journey or continuity.

As an example, let’s say you run a campaign with an offer, it creates interest so potential customers click through to redeem it or for more information. If they land on your website with no mention of it, they are likely to walk away, if on the other hand they are made welcome and the details they wanted are provided, a successful outcome is more likely.


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