Improving Advertising Results

What You Can Do to Improve Results

Everyday we are bombarded with adverts in one form or another consequently, we have got pretty good at screening it out. For marketers this is quite a challenge, how to we get our message through to our target audience.


The first trick is to target effectively. Receiving something completely irrelevant is an instant turn off. It risks damaging your reputation and it may see your emails, adverts and texts getting blocked.


Farmers are known to work with the seasons, marketing is similar. The middle of Winter is a good time to promote sunshine holidays whilst January is a bad time to market Christmas parties. By timing your campaigns at the right time, they will be more relevant so more likely to make an impact.



It’s a human thing, we like to interact. Quizzes competitions, tests etc. draw us in. We like to know if we are above average IQ, that we are going to live to we are a 100 or something similar. Interactive marketing is something the digital world has give us, take a look at any online newspaper and you will see them. Some let you go so far, then just before you get the answer, you need to give contact details.


Delivering useful information grabs attention. Sponsoring news, weather or something similar are examples. It can be something much lower key, giving useful advice on saving energy, where to park or what to drink. If you have knowledge on something, just by sharing it, you create awareness of your business and your expertise.


Again it’s a natural thing, we cannot refuse something for nothing, even though we know subconsciously there is no such thing!

Cash or % offers are long established, without doubt they attract attention. Used occasionally such as to boost trade in quiet periods can be effective, long term use however is destructive. It can be impossible to get back to normal pricing.

If we get an email offering us two main meals for the price of one, it’s likely to tempt us out for a treat. The secret of success is to offer something that the customers sees as a benefit whilst not losing money on the offer. Restaurants aim to claw back profit on starters, deserts and drinks.

Offering a service as a way to open doors can be a good tool to invade your competitors territory. Free safety checks are a good example. Like many marketing tools, returns my take time to deliver.

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