How to Integrate Your Business With TikTok

TikTok was first released in 2016 and started with teenagers making short, silly dancing and lip-syncing videos. Now with 1 billion users, TikTok is a social media giant which has attracted the top brands in the world that want to cash in on the platform’s popularity. To learn how businesses are promoting games like Book of Ra, fashion, fitness products, and even software on TikTok, keep reading!

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What Is TikTok, and How Does It Work?

TikTok is a Chinese-founded social media company that allows people to record short mobile videos from 5 to 60 seconds. On this platform, the users are able to make their videos stand out by adding music and fun filters. The TikTok Algorithm recommends suggested videos based on the previous videos you have watched or liked. Advanced algorithms allow new accounts to quickly get discovered and achieve millions of views in a short period of time. Here are some stats that illustrate why so many brands are using TikTok for marketing:

  • More than 1 billion users
  •  TikTok in 2021 is the 2nd most downloaded app
  • Average user spends almost 1 hour per day on the app
  • 60% of users are under 25
  • 60% female and 40% male

Learn About TikTok Before Diving In!

Before you implement a TikTok strategy and start recording lip-syncing videos, you need to understand the basics of the app. Your first order of operation should be checking out which content is doing well because a generic social media strategy won’t work on TikTok. We recommend you perform the following research before you commit to any strategy:

  • Watch lots of videos: As soon as you log in to your TikTok account, you will be presented with all kinds of content. Watch as much content as possible and study what videos get the most interaction. 
  • Produce your own content: At the beginning, your content won’t be the best. However, as you produce more videos, your views and quality should skyrocket.
  • Leverage the use of music: TikTok is synced with Apple Music, so the right song can make your videos go viral! 
  • Follow your competitors: The best way to get inspiration is to see what your competitors are doing! Check out their most popular videos and make similar content. 

Create All Kinds of Content

Once you understand how the app works and what types of TikTok videos your competitors are producing, you now need to produce professional and high-quality content. Here are amazing ideas to create a viral  TikTok video:

  • Vlog a day in your business and show your followers what your office looks like and give them a glimpse into your meetings
  • Record a customer testimonial on how they used your product 
  • Share your background and how you managed to start a successful business
  • Promote upcoming giveaways and events on your TikTok account
  • Introduce your team and get them to share a bit about their role in the company
  • Use a time-lapse video and break down exactly how your product is made

The ability to experiment with videos on this platform is immense! Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and get a bit silly. TikTok is a less serious platform than other social media apps, so put on your creative hat!

Develop a Strong Hashtag Game

If you want your TikTok account to gain traction, it is imperative you select the hashtags which can go viral. The best hashtags are relevant, quotable, and have a little bit of humor. To find amazing hashtags that can help secure your content with millions of views, you need to analyze which hashtags are trending, which hashtags are relevant to your business, and find hashtags that your ideal demographic are already using. It is important that the hashtags you use are not overly clickbaity and actually relate to your content. 

It is important that every video you post is accompanied by a TikTok hashtag. TikTok hashtags should be fun and conversational. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is go for the pushy sales pitch, as TikTok popularity is based more on humor than marketing tricks. If you use the right hashtags, you will see your views skyrocket.

Collaborate With TikTok Influencers

If you have no interest in creating your own videos, what you can do is collaborate with a TikTok influencer and leverage their existing following. TikTok influencers can create content for you and feature your products. With influencer marketing, you have so many options. You could get a TikTok influencer to use your product naturally in one of their videos, or they could make unboxing content or do an extensive review. Whatever method you choose, you can’t go wrong with influencer marketing, as you can expect an average ROI of almost $6 and even as high as $20.

Influencer marketing is so popular because you can instantly get millions of eyeballs on your product. Top influencers also have such diehard followers that they are willing to buy whatever they promote, resulting in a huge boost to your sales. If you get a TikToker to use one of your products in their videos and then give a glowing review, let’s just say you better order some extra stock because it is going to fly off the shelf.

Remember, for TikTok influencer marketing to work, you need to partner with the right person. You should find an influencer who has a similar target demographic to you and represents your brand’s message. It is also important to closely control the type of content the influencer is producing with your products.

Utilize TikTok Ads

Do you know that now your business can officially advertise on a TikTok profile? TikTok has followed the lead of other major social media companies like Facebook and Instagram and created TikTok ads. TikTok ads are an incredible way to promote your brand and products, and they require no technical skills to deploy. TikTok ads offer 4 ways to advertise your business:

  • Brand takeover: As soon as a TikTok user opens the app, they will be welcomed to the platform with your ad. With a brand takeover ad, you can boost your conversion by placing a link to your website and promoting a special TikTok deal.
  • Native ad: Natives ads play between two separate TikTok videos. With many users watching hundreds of videos every day, native ads are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. However, native ads can be skipped by simply scrolling as users are not forced to watch them like on YouTube. 
  • Sponsored hashtag challenge: Did you know that on TikTok, businesses can sponsor particular hashtags and promote their brand via the Discover page.
  • Branded lens: With branded lens, you create your very own custom filter. Brands typically add their logo, company colors, and unique designs to the filter. TikTok users can then promote your brand by adding a filter to their videos. To get users to try out the filter, you can run contests and give away prizes to the best videos that feature your branded lens. 

We recommend you try all 4 of these types of TikTok ads and see which one has the highest conversion rate! Most brands opt for a mixed strategy where they use a combination of all of these ad types.


TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to advertise on, especially as the number of users grows every day! TikTok and business are now the perfect match, thanks to the ROI you can achieve by working with influencers and creating in-app ads. If you want to connect with customers, win new business, and promote your brand, follow our tips and fully integrate your business with this platform now! Please comment below on how you have managed to integrate your business with TikTok and what effects it had on promoting your products. 

Author’s bio:

Arthur is a digital marketing specialist and business blogger. He develops interesting startups through various social media and shares his experience with clients to better promote their business. In his spare time, Arthur studies Japanese and writes articles on digital transformation trends.