9 Essential Tools for Writing a Captivating Marketing Email

From guest contributor Freddie Tubbs

How often do you sit down to write a marketing email and simply write it once, hit the spell checker and press send? If often, you need to know that you’re not taking full advantage of the opportunities that are opening to you.
By investing a solid and worthwhile amount of time into writing your marketing emails, you can attract so many more leads, drive up your click-through rates and generate more and more revenue. To get you off on the right foot, here are nine essential tools that can help you create these emails.



If you’re looking for an easy to manage, all-in-one marketing solution that handles emails, automation and ability to track and manage your email campaigns, this is the tool for you.


Grammar is such an important part of writing and failure to acknowledge this will lead to unreadable emails and lost revenue. Use this free online blog to brush up your grammar knowledge so you can write legible emails every time.

Academ Advisor & Essay help

The chances are that your business generates a tonne of marketing emails throughout the year for different trends and target markets, and it’s safe to say that not every email is alike. Instead of trying to create unique formats, use the writing guides found at these blogs to guide you.

Paper Fellows

In other times, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to go through the entire writing process yourself, sometimes not even at all. Similar to the tool above, Paperfellows seeks out and reviews a selection of services that enables you to find services that will write your emails for you from scratch.


This high-performance Chrome extension is incredibly handy if you have the tenancy to go on and on and on when writing your emails. As you should know, consumers and subscribers want information delivered to them in a simple and easy to understand format.
Brief helps you track and monitor the word count of your emails, so you can keep things short and sweet.

Elite Assignment Help

Sometimes, when you’re trying to be accurate with your content, it can be difficult to focus, and you end up missing mistakes and errors that could damage your business’s reputation.
Instead, this tool finds and reviews some of the best academic writing services that can create, check and perfect your marketing emails on your behalf.

My Writing Way and Big Assignments

These are two free online tools that you can use to help you with the general creation and writing of your emails, no matter what browser or software you may be using. Our first tool gives you the ability to add professionally formatted citations and references to your emails, perfect for reviews or opinion.
The second tool is similar to Brief but can work on any web browser, software platform or computer device, giving you the same benefits, no matter what system you’re using.

Ox Essays

Writing guides and templates are one of the easiest ways to generate high-quality emails in your marketing department that get results. Instead of trying to think of a suitable format, simply find one of here and basically fill in the blanks to suit your business.

Email Oops Blocker

This super-handy Chrome extension is perfect for those of us who happen to be a bit clumsy from time to time. “We all know and love the BBC feature of our email client, but things can go disastrously wrong if you’re not paying attention”, – explains Alejandra Banta, an Email Marketer at Revieweal.
Oops Blocker does exactly what it says on the tin by giving you helpful notifications and messages when you’re about to conduct an action you might regret.

Freddie Tubbs is a online marketing strategist at Ukwritings. He also works as a seo content writer at Assignment writing service blog and contributes his case studies and guides to Australian help blog.

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