5 Big Reasons Email Marketing is Efficient & Productive

Guest contributor Junaid Ali Qureshi gives 5 reasons he believes Email Marketing Is Highly Efficient & Productive

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the way we think about business development. Ecommerce development company or ecommerce development teaches us about online lead generation and emailing that support the more traditional methods of telephone prospecting. Increase sales and communicate more effectively with customers is the reason for marketing. It’s often difficult to navigate through the right mix of marketing tools, from social media to advertising, directories and public relations. The good news is that all experts recognize that email is at the heart of any good marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Benefits

Because it’s what your customers want

Many consumers prefer companies to communicate with them by email rather than by any other means?

This is true even for the youngest!

Even though millennials are twice as likely to favor commercial communications with a mobile app as their elders, they are still more likely to prefer e-mail.

Make your customers happy, use the mode of communication they prefer.

Because it generates sales

Do you know that for 2 out of 3 businesses, email marketing is the main source of revenue?

Email marketing is responsible for 23% of business revenues, a figure that is constantly growing.

In the retail trade, 81% of consumers make additional purchases (online or at the store) following a personalized promotional email.

In B2B, 46% of companies favor email marketing for their ability to generate leads and better qualify them while 32% appreciate the fact that it reduces the sales cycle and improves the sales success rate.

Because it’s effective

A McKinsey study shows that email is 40 times more efficient than social media for attracting customers.

Do you find that surprising?
Yet the numbers are clear:

When you post on Facebook, it’s only visible to 6% of your fans and read by less than 1%. While a promotional email is visible by more than 95% of recipients and will be read by 24% of them.
In Canada, 93% of Canadian adults subscribe to company email marketing. 44% of Canadian consumers admit to shopping following a promotional email. This is 2 to 5 times more than those made a purchase following a Facebook post.

If you want to reach all, or a segment of, your customers in the next 5 minutes with a personalized message, email marketing is the most reliable way to do it.


Unlike publications on social networks, you have complete control over the delivery of your message.

SMS campaigns are also a quick way to deliver a message, but sending SMS can be very expensive.
Instantaneousity is without context a benefit of email marketing.

Many companies send their email marketing campaigns from a “[email protected]” address.
Bad idea: you do not encourage your customers to contact you.

This is understandable if you have millions of subscribers.

By cons, for a base with few subscribers, email marketing is also a way for your customers to get in touch with you.

So, let your customers answer you to gather their comments, their questions… Thus, you initiate a discussion which can then lead to a sale.

Because it’s profitable

Every dollar invested in email marketing generates $ 44 in revenue, giving a return on investment (ROI) of 44: 1.
This makes email the most cost-effective tool for digital marketing. Twice as effective as Google or Facebook advertising.
The return on investment (ROI) of internet marketing is generally rather difficult to establish. Indeed, it is necessary to know how your customers have known you.
Certainly, there are systems to trace your visitors. But email marketing is the only bidirectional way to collect the interests of your subscribers and calculate very simply the return on investment of a campaign.


To analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns, you have access to the following indicators:

  • How many emails have arrived in the mailbox
  • How many people actually opened it
  • On which link they clicked
  • The level of revenue generated

You also have access to more technical reports, such as the type of email client used and the demographics of your customers.
With all these indicators, you evaluate, test and optimize your next email marketing campaigns to increase the commitment of your customers, and therefore your turnover.

Because it’s easy

Most marketing tools require technological and marketing skills that few SMEs have. No Cyberimpact!

If you know how to write an email to your customers, you are able to easily obtain results with Cyberimpact.

The simplest promotional emails are often the most effective. The only complexity is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and make sure that the message you send them is interesting and relevant to them.

Tell them about the new product you’ve just received, a special promotion you’re giving them, or share interesting content you’ve found on the Internet.

Cyberimpact’s simplicity and support approach allows our clients to collect success, even though 62% of them are managed by a person who is not their specialty.

Email Marketing EffectivenessJunaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing

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