Reaching new Consumers.

Do you need more customers? Our consumer email marketing service enables you to reach new customers for your products and services directly. Email Marketing is Quick, Powerful, Measurable and Cost Effective.

Consumer Email Marketing

Today’s consumers are bombarded with promotions from all direction! This has resulted in an almost natural instinct to screen them out. Breaking through this barrier is the secret to a successful email campaign.

Web-Clubs pioneered the Club approach, these free to join special interest clubs now have a combined membership of over 4 million.

This personalised, trusted relationship that the clubs have with their members is the key to our emailing success. The club format enables us to break through traditional email barriers and add a new dimension to normal permission based communications providing us with a receptive audience for your campaign.

According to the Horticultural Trade Association, UK consumers spend around £5 billion a year on products and plants for the garden, if you need to reach this important market, our Gardeners Club can help. This free to join special interest online club has over 400,000 members interested in gardening. Our members can be reached through our fully managed emailing service, or by placing advertisements on the Gardeners Clubs website or by sponsoring posts on our social media channels.

If you want to reach over 500,000 consumers interested in travel then the Travellers Clubs is for you. The members of this free to join online club want to know about your offers whether they are short breaks, holidays at home, or holidays overseas. The Travellers Club members can be reached through our integrated email marketing service, whether you want to reach just local markets consumers or a national audience, we can help.

Although the UK motor industry is booming with over 2 million new cars being bought each year, it remains a tough market to do business. The Motorists Club can give you a competitive marketing edge, the membership comprising of about 400,000 motoring enthusiasts provides a receptive audience for your market message. You can reach members of our free to join Motoring Club by using our managed email marketing service or through our newsletters.

Although established as the Vino Club, the 300,000 plus members are not just interested in wine, Vino Club members enjoy all of the fine things in life! The membership provides a receptive audience for you to promote wines of course, as well as good food, restaurants and other luxuries. If this is your market, you can reach our members by using our email marketing service, or by advertising on the Vino Club website.

If your business is insurance, furnishings, home improvements or something else related to the home and you need to reach new customers, then the Homeowners Club with almost 400,000 members is here to help. You can raise the awareness of your business or promote a specific offer by sending an eye catching email to members of the this free to join club. The Clubs’ members can be targeted by age, gender and location allowing you to reach homeowners just in your local area or over the whole country .

Competitions and quizzes can be highly effective tools to generate interest and to gather leads, if this is your area of business, or you would like advice on using this field of marketing, then the Quiz Club is for you, we have close to 300,000 members interested in quizzing providing a receptive market for you quizmasters. is an online greeting card website. We offer free digital eCards that are sent via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The eCards are completely FREE to send and we have thousands of cards to choose from. User data is collected and can be used for other marketing purposes such as email marketing campaigns.

If you campaign doesn’t match one of our special interest Clubs, the Consumer Club is the perfect solution. Made up of membership across the Club portfolio, the Consumer Club has around 600,000 members which you can reach using our dedicated email marketing service, we can design the artwork for you and provide full management of the campaign. Members can be targeted by age, gender and location.

No one can resist a bargain, so if you have something exciting to sell and you want to reach bargain hungry online shoppers, then this is the Club for you. With over 400,000 online shopping savvy members, you can reach them using our dedicated email marketing service, we can design the artwork for you and provide full management of the campaign. Members can be targeted by age, gender and location.

Email Creative

To maximise the open rate, we recommend our most popular sending option, that is a stand-alone email under a club brand banner.

Or, if you prefer we can send the creative to a specific clubs members with no banner or direct club association

Basic Demographics

There will be differences between one club and another – e.g. the number of males in the Motorists Club is higher than the number of females, whilst the number of members aged fifty or above is much higher in the Gardeners Club than in the Quiz Club.

For this reason, we ask that if you require an accurate count please email [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond to your request at our earliest possible opportunity.