With many consumers turning to search engines to find new products and services, businesses need to make sure their online platforms are functioning properly, now more than ever. It’s not just about how well your website works, but also how much fresh content you’re producing and how you’re keeping yourself relevant. Even if you also have a physical office or store for your business, don’t underestimate the importance of how you present it online. Here are some useful tips on how to build an online presence successfully.


Your website must look professional and be easy to navigate. If it looks messy, the layout is too basic, or pages are missing/hard to locate, it will put visitors off and your bounce rate is likely to be very high. Instead, you want to make sure potential customers who visit your website purchase your products or enquire further about what your business has to offer. Make sure you have good e-commerce functions if you have an online store page, and consider seeking services from companies like Click Intelligence that can help you to improve your conversion rates on your site and boost your overall sales.


There are plenty of options available for businesses to advertise on search engines, other websites, blogs and even using social media. The cost of these online advertisements will vary depending on the platform you choose to use. There are also options like pay-per-click, which can be more cost-effective. You may also want to seek out reviewers or bloggers who promote products and companies that are relevant to what you do and enquire about how they can help to increase your brand awareness.


Although forming relationships with professional bloggers and the like is important, you should also consider creating a blog for your company website. They are a good way to keep your customers informed about things your company is doing or any new releases and they provide you with the opportunity to lead discussions on industry topics. Your blog should be engaging and the content should always be relevant to what your business does. You may even want to consider asking other industry leaders or professionals to write guest blog posts that might help to increase your online presence through their channels, too. Vlogs and podcasts are also very popular alternatives to a blog; however, they may be more costly to produce.

Social Media

Almost every business uses social media now and it is highly likely that you have already created the appropriate accounts on these sites for your business. However, it’s important to understand how to utilise these platforms properly for your business to see the best results. Again, the content of your posts must be engaging but relevant to your business, and your accounts should be active. While you don’t need to post something every five minutes, you also shouldn’t leave it weeks in between sharing something, either. You may want to consider hiring a social media manager or finding a specialist agency to help you manage your accounts.

When there is so much else to think about as a business owner, it’s easy to let these things slide, but it’s important to keep on top of your online platforms as well as you can. Use these tips to help you improve and build your business’s online presence.