Brand Image is something that appeals to customers the most. Just like superstars have a fan following, companies have their regular customers too. But this reputation takes years to build up and is quite delicate. It just needs one accusation and the whole image goes down! The blame might not be true, but social media will pass on the judgements faster than the speed of light! Now, think of another scenario; where a new business start-up wants to build up its image and wants to compete with billion-dollar brands. Thus, in both scenarios, a well-established company, as well as a new venture, need some strategies to improve their Online Reputation. This article will give you information on the 4 Best ways of Building your Brand Image.

Get Reviews from Your Customers:
Reviews are the best way to show the authenticity of your product/services. But did we say only positive reviews? No! The biggest mistake done by many brands is that they just want to highlight the compliments given by their customers on the website and delete those comments that question their product. Reply to those negative comments with utmost sincerity and try to resolve their problem. With all types of mixed ratings, new visitors will surely buy your product as the reviews show it all! If you think that negative reviews have surpassed the positive ones, just try to balance them with the positive ones. Give Incentives like a 20% Discount on giving the reviews.

Show Yourself Everywhere:
If you think that opening an account on Facebook and Instagram is all that you need to become a popular brand, you are highly mistaken! Show your presence on popular websites like Yelp, Foursquare, City Search, Yellow Pages, and, etc. You can even start a YouTube channel and attract your customers. Plan out a strategy to keep the viewers busy on social media platforms. You can even make your profile on freelance websites as a lot of work and employee seekers visit those platforms. Start an Online Campaign which may be Posting Stories along with Engaging Quizzes and IGTV videos.

Remove Ads that Irritate Visitors:
There might be some Ads or Pop-ups that always force your customers/visitors to close your website and move to the next one. It might give them a feeling of a fake website and just annoy them. Generally, people want to jump to the main things they are looking for, and these ads/pop-ups act as a hindrance in their way. Remove ads that are not earning much for you and causing irritation to your customers as well!

Partner with Social Media Influencers:
It works two ways; you need popular and trending stars to advertise your product while those influencers need a platform to show their presence and earn money. While big brands can afford big superstars by paying millions, startup ventures can try to Collaborate with Small screen stars or Younger people who are Trending on Social Media sites. In this way, your website will get more hits and lead to more prospect generation. You can also show your Presence at NGO on-Governmental Organisation) Activities or Community Service Events. You can hire a PR (Public Relations) Freelancer who can find numerous ways to ollaborate with popular people like Politicians, Bureaucrats, Workers and present your company at the events. In this way, common people will start recognising you.

Thus, the process of building a Brand Image is a tough task if you don’t look out for alternative and better ideas! Gone are the days, when customers used to run after the discount strategy or newspaper advertisements. People detect authenticity easily. Therefore, Customer Testimonials and Mixed Reviews and Ratings are necessary for your business. You have to incentivise visitors to review your services otherwise it won’t attract new customers. Share User-generated Content and Post pictures along with that. Don’t get into a fight in the comment section if anyone complaints about your product. Try to solve the issue within the deadline. Poor and late services irritate people resulting in decreased brand value.

Apart from the above main methods, Networking has always proved to be successful. The founders must participate in discussion forums and award functions to meet like-minded people and advertise their business. If you have a new business venture, you can meet successful entrepreneurs and discuss your problems or collaborate with them. Learn from the competitors and analyse your mistakes. Use Online tools that produce analytics to show how many visitors come to your website. Depending on the statistics, make a concrete plan to know which Brand building method is working out for you. So, these were some of the Most Useful Strategies to Improve your Online Reputation. Just stick to the plan and start implementing them according to your own needs.