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Here are some facts and figures that you might find interesting.

There are about 942,142,300 websites in the world or at least there was when I started typing, now it’s up to 942, 124, 555 according to Internet Live Stats

Statista reports there are now over 35 million smartphone users in the UK, and growing at about 3 million per year

On August 24th 2015, over one billion people used Facebook

The UK population is around 65 million

According to, 7 billion emails are sent in the UK every day

Your website has 10-20 seconds to grab attention

At a computer show in 1981, Bill Gates supposedly uttered this statement, “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

According to DMR there are over 300 million monthly active Twitter users

60% of emails are now apparently opened on a mobile device

More than 400,000,000 people use Instagram every month

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