Reaching the right people.

Our Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) databases are at the core of our business, through our investment in their maintenance, you can be assured that we can provide a receptive audience for your email campaigns.

If you want a cost effective targeted way of reaching new prospects then Email Marketing is the tool to use!

For email marketing to work, it needs to reach the right person and be seen.

Web-Clubs has been at the forefront of email marketing services since 2000, a long time in the online industry!

We have been responsible for the successful implementation of hundreds of campaigns, sending tens of millions of emails. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can bring this expertise to provide you with the very best, most professional and above all, most productive email marketing solution for your business.

We provide the total package of email services. We can design and create the email, test for delivery, plan the campaign, manage a business database for emailing and finally measure the results and report on the performance.

Due to its inherent key strengths, the email market has shown enormous growth in recent years, this trend is set to continue.

The Web-Clubs audience reach

For email marketing to work effectively, it requires a relevant receptive and active audience. The personal “Club” format pioneered by Web-Clubs, enables us to achieve this by breaking through traditional email barriers, adding new dimensions to normal permission based communications.

Web Clubs has the knowledge to ensure that your campaign succeeds.

c.410,000 Members

c.410,000 Members

c.520,000 Members

c.350,000 Members

c.310,000 Members

c.370,000 Members

c.310,000 Members

c.275,000 Members

c.600,000 Members

c.400,000 Members


Pricing is based on targeting scenarios and the billing model:

  • CPM (Cost per Thousand)
    Straightforward cost per thousand emails sent, our most popular model
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
    E.G. Form submission, Newsletter sign up, Online Registration.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
    CPA can also refer to sale made through eCommerce.
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
    Interpretation varies, most commonly it refers to a a simple click to a website or landing page, but it can be more.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead)
    Typically relates to completing a contact form or a combination of the above (so called hybrid model)


The flexibilities of our database allows us to meet your emailing needs whether you wish to target the entire nation, or just a 5 mile radius of your businesses base.

We can target a general audience, or with a specific profile.

Email – marketing works irrespective of your companies trade, size or location.