Help when you need it.

Providing a single point of assistance. Complementing our digital marketing services, we offer a range of services to keep you up and running, no call centres just real people answering your queries.


Behind the scenes, there are a host of supporting services required to keep your business operating successfully online.

The Web-Clubs philosophy is to provide a complete solution thus avoiding the potential for “finger pointing.” When you need assistance, we provide a fully qualified single point of contact so you can be assured of sound advice and support.

We have built up a broad expertise in all of the supporting technologies.

Email Systems:

Emailing is something we all take for granted, whilst “free” email addresses are fine for private use, an email address that does not include your business name doesn’t give a good first impression.

Web-Clubs include emailing functionality with all of our hosting services. We also offer advanced emailing systems which allow multiple access to emails, calendars and to-do lists with a range of permission settings configured to suit individual requirements.

We can set up emailing across different platforms so you can keep in touch with your data, wherever you are.

Affiliate Marketing:

Your website can become a revenue generator.

If you include other companies advertising or lead generation tools on your website, your site can possibly generate income based for example on the number of clicks, leads or orders as a result of going through your site.

Usually using display ads, banner ads or text links, Affiliate Marketing uses HTML or JavaScript links to send your visitor to the site you are promoting, these links contain tracking information so that the advertiser can calculate how much to pay you.

We can set up and manage websites with this capability.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

An alternative way of getting on the first page of Google or other search engines, is to pay for it!

With Google’s Adwords, for example, keywords present in searches act as a trigger for entries for your company to appear.

PPC achieves results much faster than SEO. The cost is dependent on the popularity of the keyword.

PPC is available across all search engines and social media platforms.

PPC is a key source of income for Google and others, the overall pricing model is complex, with the all-important “price per click,” based on the popularity of the keyword.

The cost can look attractively low and maximum budgets can be set but care needs to be taken as poor keyword selection can result in a lot of useless clicks using up budgets quickly.

Despite the hype, Adwords et al have their place but are not an advertising panacea. They are reactive only and unless you can afford the prized keywords or you operate in a highly specialised area with few competitors they may not be cost effective.

Using PPC is not for everyone and requires careful implementation. Web-Clubs can advise you on the channels suitability and how to use it effectively for your business.

IT Advice:

“Plug and Play” may be a great marketing term, but when it comes to reality, IT doesn’t always do what it says on the tin!

Unfortunately when something doesn’t work, getting help is not always easy, there may be a host of “help” tools on the website, “FAQ’s” and sometimes “chat rooms” but sometimes there is no substitute for a human voice, or human presence to suit out your problems.

Web-Clubs provide real person on site support to our customers in the NW London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire areas, as well as nationwide telephone support.

Support Services:

  • For ongoing stability and security it is important that the software is kept updated and, for continued effectiveness, the website’s content should be kept current. All of our websites are constructed on open platforms so you can manage these tasks yourself if you wish.
  • Alternatively, Web-Clubs offer a range of options to keep both the software and content of your website up to date.
  • The Standard Contract covers software maintenance, security and software upgrades and is handled remotely from the Web-Clubs office. Our website designers are available to discuss support queries Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Our Standard Contract excludes any updates to the website or alterations and additions to content – this is available with our Ad-Hoc Support service.
  • The Premium Contract extends the features of the Standard Contract to include content updates to the website.
  • The advantages of taking out a Contract over relying on ad-hoc support alone for updates are
    • Priority response
    • Discount on the hourly rate compared to ad-hoc
    • Discounted Biennial refresh of the design/layout


  • Ad-hoc Support applies to all non-contracted work undertaken after the handover of the website. Following a briefing discussion, we will provide an estimate of the time required and the cost. The actual work time is measured in order to arrive at the final cost.


Our training services are designed to help you get the maximum performance out of the solutions we provide.

With sufficient training, IT competent staff can maintain website and social media content, saving cost and ensuring they remain current.

Web-Clubs offer classroom training at our facilities in Chesham (close to the tube station) or we can provide onsite training in NW London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire areas.

Consumer Club Websites:

There are opportunities to promote your business on our Consumer Club websites;

Gardeners Club, Travellers Club, Vino Club, Homeowners Club

There are fixed advertising positions as well as the opportunity to sponsor articles. Click here to find out more.